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I Am Living To Tell


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Only $9.95 - this makes a great gift... for many on your list.  Who couldn't use a little hope and healing?  And guess what else you get... Harmony!

And a huge "Thank You" from your friend as well as a pat on the back from the Universe because you did something really good.

Time to Shine, Beautiful One.

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"Cancer...tumor." Those are words that have a deep impact on our mind and mostly we hear dry medical jargon that does little to inform, or frothy, feel-good, meaningless chatter.  So Laurie Beck's book "I am Living to Tell, Surviving incurable cancer without kiling my mother, my granny or my ex" is a refreshing, honest and real look at what goes on in a person's mind when hearing words like "cancer and tumor" as a diagnosis.

Laurie's take is a frank and humor laced tale of her journey... and I thank Laurie for allowing us a look into her head at a time of great crisis. It's snappy, real and humorously told. Great job Laurie.

~ William Weiller

(Pilates Lifestyle client for 5+ years)

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