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You can now order Laurie's Memoir, I am Living to Tell, for $14.95 or the Combo Package of both books (I am Living to Tell and Eight Little Lessons of Hope & Healing) for only $19.95 - a savings of $5.00!

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Laurie with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Launching Chi Bella at the Hayhouse Convention in 2011, Laurie had the honor of being reunited with one of her favorite inspirational colleagues, Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Both survivors of cancer, Dr. Dyer has been a huge inspiration for Laurie to share their triumphs and has encouraged her to be on a mission to share her journey.

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Pilates by the Sea

I Am Living To Tell


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Only $9.95 - this makes a great gift... for many on your list.  Who couldn't use a little hope and healing?  And guess what else you get... Harmony!

And a huge "Thank You" from your friend as well as a pat on the back from the Universe because you did something really good.

Time to Shine, Beautiful One.

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Energy is thought. 

As you wear each piece of ChiBella create the powerful intentions you desire.  Our specialty piece is the hand-made Lotus Flower, made of clay, semi-precious stones and crystals.  The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, and at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, the lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck.


Over the centuries men and women have used jewelry to adorn, define, and heal themselves.

The Chi Bella Jewelry line was created and designed by Laurie Beck.   “Chi Bella” means beautiful energy and has taken the elements and created exquisite pieces of jewelry incorporating organic crystals, fresh water pearls, genuine gemstones, and natural leather. This line was developed during a dark/sad period of Laurie’s life in which she was diagnosed with a rare form of, non-hodgkins lymphoma and leukemia, which is a type of cancer. Laurie has used her own healing journey to develop this line and to encourage others faced with similar discouragement. Laurie’s amazing strength and passion to live inspired her to create jewelry that holds positive intentions for the day-to-day struggles that we endure.

Today Laurie has overcome her illness,

her cancer is now indolent, and tests do not bear any physical sign of cancer within her body. She works everyday to keep it at bay, and desires to share her positive, wearable intentions with the world. Laurie is the author of “Living to Tell”, which introduces her Eight Lessons of Hope that her jewelry line is fashioned to represent.

The Chi Bella Jewelry line reminds us of positive intentions that bring us joy, happiness, and gratitude each day. Each Chi Bella piece has an intention attached to it – to help one in their own personal path to wellness. The jewelry can be worn in many different ways, as a choker, a long necklace, a bracelet, and even as a belt. These timeless designs hold significant intentions that she hopes will encourage and inspire you through your life’s journey.

Chi Bella is a wonderful gift of hope for yourself or someone you love. Give it as a gift for a friend or family member with cancer, a gift for cancer survivors to maintain mental wellness, a gift for someone in your life who if facing challenges in life. Give the gift of positivity.

Click here to view some of her recent designs. ChiBella may be ordered online or at on of the following locations:

Pilates by the Sea at Gulf Place in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The Blue Giraffe in WaterColor, FL

The Village Boutique in Redfish Village in Blue Mountain Beach, FL

Lovelace Interiors in Destin, FL

Alden Lagasse Collection in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Oceana Blue in Gulfplace in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    Laurie lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. With her husband Bob. She is the owner of Pilates by the Sea where she helps many of their clients stay healthy, happy, and fit.